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Swedish Rally 2003 AKA.  The Cousins Adventures in Moosen Land

(Apologies to Lewis Carroll)

Don’t you just hate those early starts? Bacon sandwiches at dawn? Particularly dangerous in my
case because I managed to set the smoke alarm off and her indoors was not at all pleased with me,
 still she will have a few days to get over it. So the Swedish adventure begins, Rusty’s in a mellow
mood this morning as we head down towards Fleecerow, trepidation at what lies ahead, GTB text
and said he had got up early thinking he could get breakfast on the way only to find the Café
closed, shame!

After much cajoling and tales of doom and gloom we managed to talk Rusty out of parking outside
someone’s house in the vicinity of Heathrow near a tube station (tight as a ducks), however Purple
Parking provided the compromise and was £20 cheaper than GTB paid so it cheered RB up. On the
bus to Fleecerow we discovered GTB was waiting at the wrong terminal strange “I couldn’t find any
flight information” he said.

We assembled at Terminal 1, nothing for it but Moosen hats, tour T shirts on and off to the bar,
soon it was time to board the plane, I forgot to mention weighed down with Bottles of Vodka and
cans of beer, good job no one examined the hand luggage. As you might imagine the Moosen hats
caused a bit of a stir on the plane.

Landed safely soon we are on the way out of the Airport on our way to the Moosen Rally, the cousins
Grimm decided to find our own way to the site rather than enlist the help of Anders more excitement
the thought of getting lost, arrived at the campsite some strange looks because of the hats, T-shirts
and by now loud ABBA music on the car stereo…

Booked in,we  were showed the strange little huts a bit like the ones the kids have in the garden to play,
Geoff  and I hastily agreed to check out the accommodation while RB was trying to ingratiate himself with
Cecelia. Good job as it turned out, only two bunks and a ladder leading up to the roof where there was
what could only be described as a shelf with 3 mattresses on it we dubbed the ladder the “Stairway to
Heaven” knowing RB had to share the platform with Anders and Gustav….


Then the Max’s started to arrive


Rusty exchanges club badges in a gesture of friendship with Jan the Chairman of the Danish club

Next morning although we were promised full English by Cecelia all we got was Coffee, bread,
cheese and meat, never trust a Swede when she flutters her eyes at you when taking the money..
Time for the ride out we decided to follow some of the way in the Car ‘til we got off the ferry,
then into Stockholm for the site seeing, RB had to get a fridge magnet of a Moosen as a souvenir.


When we returned the campsite it was virtually empty time for us to hit the Vodka and protect
ourselves from the wild animals. The ride out returned and during the course of the evening
more and more people started to arrive, funny how Anders max suddenly sprouted a NOS bottle..


Then the entertainment started


Of course it wasn’t long before RB had sussed out his News girl, we lost him then……..

Next morning after breakfast this time the bread and cheese was welcome to soak up the excesses
of the previous night, another planned ride out this time GTB and I decided to opt out, but RB had
 other ideas and bagged a lift from Bent Bones


Saturday evening RB and GTB even surpassed themselves from the previous night with the entertainment


And here as a special treat is them performing live on this MPEG

If you want to see anymore buy the Xmas CD……….

We had a great time thanks to all at the Swedish Club for the hospitality it must have been a hell of a
shock to the system, next time on the Bikes we promise……