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Squires Cafe 220603

Squires Cafe, Sherburn in Elmett June 22nd 2003


I was the first to arrive for a change a solitary Vmax waiting for Wally and Martin to arrive,
as it turned out Martin arrived with a note from his mom saying he couldn’t come out to play. (lol)
Wally and I set off to the first scheduled stop which was the prearranged meeting point at Jct 11
of the M42, Smokin' Paul B, Bluemax Geoff and Eve, Paul (Deaftrap) and of course Wally and myself.



We left a t 9.30 as arranged parting with Paul who had other plans this day. Soon we were on our way
at a very comfortable pace shaking out the mornings cobwebs. Arrived at out second meeting point to
meet up with Roger and Tina and Glenn Bradley from Norwich (who had already had a considerable
journey to get that far). Paul had a fag.



Moved on to our next planned meet up point with Rusty Bolts, he wasn’t there so a quick phone call,
refuel and onto the Blyth services



We lost Glenn at Blyth Services he kind of missed the turn in and had to ride back down the A1 to
Nottingham or so it seemed he said. This was the correct meeting place for Rusty and here he was
complete with bandages. Coffee’s then onwards to our final destination Squires Milk bar and café.



Arrived at Squires exactly on Schedule. 12.45.


Time to get the cameras out  Pic


We were very pleased to see Delvmax and Kelv, Misteroe, Simon, Winkmax, Gordon, ferret, Andy smart,  Vmaxbeefy.





Still a few pics left to see, you know where they will be, thanks to everyone for making it a great day out.