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SpeedFreaks Ball

 (by South Correspondent Maxtorquer)

  It was a sunny Friday afternoon, the birds were singing and all sorts of carrot crunching smells were drifting
 in from the Avon Cyclepath, which passes Torquer Towers on its way to the countryside between Bristol and Bath.

The idyllic scene was marred only by the grunting and cursing as we tried to sort out some teething problems with
 666’s new back end, following some wobbliness on the dyno. Two days at Tim Blakemore’s had lurched from one
hassle to another. Thankfully, I have one of the biggest collections of used V Max parts in Christendom – dead
handy and not one trip to Fowlers! The worst problem was that the exceptional heat in Spain and France last year
had taken its toll on the inlet O rings, carb and V Boost rubbers to the extent that hard use could well’ve resulted
in burnt valves and holed pistons.

Top marks to Tim Blakemore Racing, though. Because of all the hassles we’d encountered on Thursday, Tim opened
 up at 7.30am on Friday where we cracked on with replacing the entire V Boost and inlet assembly. Later that morning,
I received a most disturbing call and rushed back to find that 666 had only managed to make 75bhp on the dyno despite
all our efforts. Tim was in despair and I couldn’t even muster my usual ‘Always look on the brighter side of life’ Python
philosophy. ‘Let’s set fire to it in the car park, Tim’ changed to ‘Not a bad run with only three cylinders!’ Full power was
restored with the click of a suppressor cap.

Finally, my mate Ken and I left at around 4pm. Ken is a very old friend with a kidney transplant. It’s down to him that I had
my previously flowing locks and beard removed for charity (Kidney Patients Association). Ken was showing his tricked up
Yamaha Bulldog, and the weekend at the Pod was my birthday present to myself as well as a chance once more to become
Max Torquer, Ace Reporter, for V Max Chat.

By the time we arrived in Northamptonshire, nasty, persistent rain and cold, unforgiving winds had firmly established
themselves over Santa Pod, which quickly became Santa Puddle.

Ken went straight to the Show Tent (bugger, why hadn’t I entered?) as I slip slided my way across the waterlogged
boggy marsh set aside for camping. I even got a few cheers from the assembled onlookers, after making it all the
way across without dropping the bike.

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Half an hour of soggy gallows humour and we had the tent up. Luckily, we assessed that water penetration of luggage packed in
sunnier weather had not been too bad, and a dry night’s kip was assured, if nothing else. Poor old 666 ended up with more clay
in its undercarriage than a Nantucket whaler’s wife with a collection of pottery dildos.  













Back we went to the Show Tent and who should be there but Beast From The East and employee of the month, Rusty Bolts.
Paul was getting wet on the inside and wiping Ande’s jammy fingerprints off the bike (it cheered me up to point out all the
little smudges they were missing and took my mind off my soaked boots and soggy socks…)












Ken’s Bulldog got a fair bit of attention (some bits are interchangeable, donchaknow) and stood opposite BFTE’s bike
like a Staffy eying up a Rottweiler. It’s funny but they say that there is often a similarity that develops between dogs
and their owners –perhaps it’s the same with bikes. Ken’s a little guy with a lot of attitude, he owns a full on Staffordshire
Bull Terrier and beefed up his Yamaha Bulldog to produce far more useable power than the manufacturer’s original offering














It turned out to be a much better weekend than we’d expected. The rain stopped by Saturday afternoon, and the good
folk at the Pod had the track tried by around 4pm.The fun kicked off with Paul Gower’ stunt riding – what a show!
Would’ve looked better with a Max!













The run what ya brungs kicked off the drag racing, with one of the first pairings featuring a V Max – which won!














The spectacle continued with Busas, Kats, ZX12Rs and Gixxers, from street to top fuel bikes, duelling it out on the strip.
This was followed by a wild car stunt show with an MG, bike engined mini rod and a TVR – well good!














When dusk descended, out came the promised jet powered vehicles. Trike’s, quads and jet cars – in fact everything
you could imagine with an afterburner shoved up its arse, took to the track.















The grande finale was a staged race between Fireforce and Fireforce 2 – a pair of serious jet powered drag cars.
Fireforce 2 won with a 6.1 second quarter at 219mph. As you can see from the photo it had had more than it’s
Weetabix – the rumours that it had eaten Rusty Bolts were thankfully dispelled when we say Paul and Ande back at the stands!














Saturday night saw us quaffing beer and watching some great bands, rounded off with a stunning set from Fugitive.
There was cause to celebrate as Beast From The East had taken Best in Show once again. The smile on its face says it all!