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Penrith 280204

Penrith, Cumbria 28th February 2004

Well the first northern meet was a success.  

Despite freezing conditions our hats went off to Wolfie and Stuart who rode all the way from Berkshire
on their Maxes.  300 miles in sub zero temperatures - well done guys!

Keith also travelled up on his Max and Delvmax came over on his beast but had to head back home later.
STU and Elaine came up by car and Steve and Jo Luck turned up as well

Jon and Paul wimped out and came in Jons car.  A good idea as he brought all the T Shirts and the usual
selection of goodies.

Janet and myself would win the trophy for the least distance travelled.  We just had to come downstairs.

A good time was had by all.  Beer was quaffed, food was eaten and we got some ideas for rally sites
from a couple of members of the Chopper Club who happen to be regulars in the pub anyway.

Everyone met back in the pub for a full English breakfast before facing the journey home


Here's to the next one.  Lets just make sure the weather is warmer!!

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