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Rideout to Matlock Bath 18th April 2004

What a dreary dismal start to the day, grey clouds and rain, you know the fine stuff that soaks you :lol ,
ever the optimimist rang Geoff and put off the final decision until later in the morning even as I was typing
 the the judgement the first signs of thining clouds and blue skies started to appear. decided to keep myself
busy by fitting that small belly pan spoiler had for about a year for once everything fitted and it went straight on.
In the meantime i had a couple of phone calls as well, the allotted time arrived for my call to Geoff its on!!!

Left home under thickening skies, for the second time this weekend my speedo cable decided to fall off and by
the time I got to my first port of call McDonalds at Bassetts Pole it was dragging along the ground, refitted it
with the assistance of Smokin Paul B my very own (ex) AA patrol man, phoned RB and decided a meeting up place with him.

I must admit I am completely ride unfit having only ridden about 25 miles this year before our little expedition
 today but soon settled into the rhythm again and started to enjoy the modest pace set by Geoff with Paul following.
 For those of you reading this from outside the UK spring is here the trees are getting back the leaves,bright Yellow
 Daffodils and Dandelions adorn the hedgerows the lambs are in the fields and although a little chilly in the wind we
are well on our way towards the summer. We rode for about 30 mins then stopped to meet up with RB.

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RD duly arrived his Max looking sparkly clean and looking its rightful best being one of the top Vmax's in the UK,
the Blue paintjob looked even deeper than before we waited while RB and Smokin Paul had a fag and away we went...

Riding through the Derbyshire countryside it makes you feel alive especially rounfd the freezing cold fingertips but
what the hell its good to be out.... Through Matlock looking very deserted of Bikes of any denomination loads of cars
though, we pulled onto the carpark park of the meeting place and it made me very glad to see some familiar and some new faces.

In no particular order Carlostrance and Jackie, Dave Bres, Vmax Pip and adele, Stu, add to that myself , Rusty Bolts,
Geoff and smokin Paul B we had a decent enough gathering given the start to the day. Chewed the fat admired the Vmax's
then went inside for coffee and food, its great to be out and about with fellow enthusiasts. There is now a licensed bar at
the Matlock motorcycle centre so Shandy Boy availed himself of the regulation one for the road. Doesn't time fly when you
are having fun 2.40pm already and time to make a move. On a majority vote we decided to ride into Matlock and have a looksey
 in the bike shops its quite a site riding into town with a group of Vmax's and it certainly turns heads especially when some of
the louder exhausts give it some.

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Spent about 20 mins in Matlock Rusty made me have me photo took outside a certain shop but you will have to wait til I post the
photo's for that treat. Time to say our goodbyes to STU and Dave Bres, we were going in the opposite direction to the filling
station, there we parted company with Carl and Phil to make our own ways back, rode back under ever darkening skies and it
was turniing colder RB peeled off at his junction leaving Geoff myself and Smokin Paul to complete the journey about 40 mins
from home the rain started you know that fine stuff that soaks you through :lol , got home at 4.50 tired but happy after good day out with friends.

We enjoyed it maybe next time the weather will be a bit kinder and we will have a few more faces to name, thanks everyone see you soon....