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What a weekend !
Jackie & I managed to spend 100 on BEER !!!!!!
and somehow we smoked 100 Fags !! cough cough.
And my Max got wet

We arrived about 9.30pm on Friday night, and the camp site was a mud bath, there was bikes being dropped 
left, right & center.
So being the gentleman I am I made Jackie walk through the camp site behind me carefully guiding the Max through.
Pitched Tent....
Went to the BSH Tent where there was a Rock music cover band playing that were actually very good from what 
I can remember after all the liquid pain relief I was taking for my 2 bust ribs.
Went to bed..... After managing to drag my 'worse for wear' wife to bed....
had to undress her to .....
life's a bitch.


Had a bit of a walk around the camp site, now as dry as a bone on the mud bath from Friday night... 
very good drainage...very good...
Couldn't believe how many Max's were there..... I thought Baskerville Hall had come a week early.

Didn't photo every Max that was there though as the majority were stock.... sure your pleased about that!
Went for a walk around the show.. pleased to see 4 Max's entered ....

Spoke to the guy who had the previous night explained & showed me how to make a Road legal Laser Pro stock sound as good as 
the race one whilst still retaining the BS numbers......

That's right.......... Cut off the end cap..... cut can in half... weld end cap back on..... sounded shit hot too !

The comedy tent provided the afternoons entertainment ,,,, very funny
MAG provide 80 Tons of wood for fire's which makes a great way to pass a few hours early evening
We could hear the clay pigeon shoot going off, but in my mind drunken bikers & 12 ball shotguns are a recipe for death... 
so we just got hammered with our local fellow campers.
Great ACDC tribute band on Saturday night ... had a right good Alcohol fueled bogie..
Went to bed.... I think !

Can't believe how chemical toilets have improved over the last 10 years... they were almost a pleasure to use.

Big well done to MAG for a great weekend, well organized I we didn't see one bit of trouble which is always a good sign 
of good organization.