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Cheddar 2003

Cheddar Rally 2003

(Apologies if the text is difficult to follow as a lot of time and beer has flowed since Cheddar.
Thanks to Wolfie for the write up and and Geoff the Bolt for the comments in blue)

Thursday. I think our Wolfie has been over doing it `cos I`m sure he means Friday here, but what the heck.
I arrived about 4pm to be greeted by a load of Blandits. Only a couple of Maxes in attendance, we were luring
them into a false sense of security ! Set up the Welsh camp with some lovely plastic daffodils and everyone
thought I was mad. Fixed the sheepy stickers to make the Max look really Welsh and waited for the others
“Just wait until my cousin gets yur” I told them Blandits “then you`ll see…..isn't it”
Yes This Was Friday!

Arrived at the site, having got Very lost, (what would I do with out a mobile phone and someone to call?)
about 11.30pm. Moemax and crew greeted me at the gate and set about making me feel welcome. Rusty was
still playing host he's such a welsh tart. He'd failed to get my kecks fully off so was soliciting in the doorway l
ike a common slut.
He greeted me at the door to the club. What a trooper! Can’t remember what the weather was
 like on Thursday but it was fine on Friday but I seem to remember arriving dry! Had a MUCH needed drink,
Kept for me by The Welly crew. Thanks Guys. Then put the tent up
in the dark.

Wolfie had missed the excellent pub quiz organised by the cousins demented aided and abetted by Tricky.
I put some real saddo questions in there and the only equally sad person to get them right was none other
than Vmaxdude.
(I cant help being a genius!) I can't remember who won. It then turned into an open
mike affair with joke telling and then an auction to get me and Tricky to strip off……..we won't go there !
I retired to Chez JonP where he proceeded to produce every Ethnic flavour of crisps imaginable – you can
tell he's from Solihull. Then out came the Black vodka and Sweden came flooding back. Perhaps Gustav was
 hiding somewhere……..

Friday. I think he means Saturday. Right again!

Spent an enjoyable 1/2 hour watching Moe and Kate trying to get their breakfast before noon. If it could
be deep fried then this camp site can cook it !
No one else seemed to be having a problem but Moe sorted it
out in the end. The ride around Cheddar went well and the views and Gorge itself were wonderful. (Having
 never been before). I didn't realise the Blandits were going the other way around this is because if they
came round with the Vmaxes they wouldn't have been able to keep up
and got some good waving in when
they came the other way. (sad!). Lunch came and went...mine consisted of Becks from a can I think better
organising of the catering could have resulted in the site getting more business.... From this moment on the
Welly crew ate in Kate & Moe’s caravan. The afternoon was spent having another ride around the Gorge...
(the other way this time, again Lots of waving to Blandits) and having a laugh.. Met lots of Good people and s
aw some Lovely bikes, (both max and Blandit). Took a couple of pictures and relaxed. The evening (was the
 auction Friday or Saturday. Too blotto to remember) went well (I think). Help me out here!

Saturday. Jesus I`m totally confused now but I think the day is now right.

Afternoon? What a start. Got the bike down to the main area and went to Moe’s for Lunch. This time
Kate and Eyra did us Proud. STUFFED! The call went up for a visit to a fun park. Up for that, Off we
went. The Teamwork that went into that ride will stay with me for a long time.... Blandits, Max's and FJ’s?
All worked together, blocking traffic at round a bouts and junctions. The flow of bikes Must have looked
 impressive. Well done to all who helped with that. WOW! On to the fun fair.... What can I say... The park
owner must have had Kittens when he saw us coming... over 100 bikes turned up ready to have fun. For those
that counted I think it was 64 Blandits and 48 Max's + a couple of other bikes and a Harley.....? The Go-carts
were a Big success and Rusty.... I want a rematch.

After the fair we had the Loudest bike comp.... If you think you know what pain is... Ask the guy holding the
sound metre. That was the fine Bolt Triplet Mr Horace Pinker – thanks ! Well done mate. The winning max
 (mine) na, na, na,na, na came in at 126db.... Not too shabby, But the loudest Blandit went off the clock.....
Still it had a tinny sound so don’t count. That'll be due to the sewing machine strung below the tank :lol

When we got back to the site all the best bikes (and some Suzuki`s) were lined up in the field for judging
by the attendees. It was an awesome sight to see such an impressive line up of power, and a few Bandits. I
can't for the life of me remember who won. Errrrr, JonP won something, Jai……oh and Rusty got ratbike as he
 and I had made welsh maxes and his was covered in fleece…that's about it as the Becks had been flowing all afternoon.

The Comedy auction was Brilliant. Geoff (James Brown) and Rusty (Rubber Duck) had the place in stitches
 and with Tricky’s help raised over £1,000, for NABD. Well done, I say. Next year if we are allowed back
 the event will be even bigger and better ! The bar stayed open until 1am and then Tricky gave us a display
 of bicycle stunt riding which went down like a lead balloon with the campsite owners. I vaguely remember
 going back to chez JonP for more black Vodka and some more dodgy crisps. STMP, Mr & Mrs DaveF and the
guy with the Suzuki were also there (STMP snores louder than me by the way).
The Welly crew also retired
to a comfy van and spent some more time chatting about the day.... late Late LATE night.

I'd still like to know what went on with the fire hose and the Bandit riders, all sounds a bit fruity to me !


After a good breakfast and some sorrowful goodbyes, We packed up and make our way home. It seemed
to take me forever and a day to get home and I resisted the temptation for hair of the dog !
The memories
of this year’s event will live for so long, that even months after, Myself and Geoff hope to be able to cobble
 together a reasonably accurate report. Mmm, I don't know if we've succeeded !

I will be testing the water with the campsite in the New Year. I`m sure they'll have banked the takings by
now and be more than happy to have us back.


Feel free to add your own version of what went on that weekend, as I’m sure the venerable geoff and myself
 have given a fair account of how WE felt/ remembered the event.... YOU may remember differently?

The venerable Mr Bolt has added his comments in Blue.... I think his memory is better and less addled than my
 own..... Only you can save mank.... sorry, wrong book.


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