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Belgium 2004

Belgian Rally 2004

And so it begins, 6.10 on a dull Friday morning at Corley Services on the M6, RB's having a fag at the filling 
station (naturally) still he usually does his phone calls as well, wonder if it really is dangerous, we will never 
know because its time to leave.. First to arrive at Maidstone Services.. GTB, Spread, Steve and Daver arrive 
about 9.20 - next stop the tunnel port...

Did you know flash photography is not allowed on the train....Ooops..  . Oh well another urban myth 
gone to pot, although RB is muttering about Sylvester Stallone being on board, (he saw that film where he rescued 
everyone from a collapsed tunnel). A brisk ride to Putte follows, the latter part through some serious spray on the 
motorway, still at least we missed the rain itself. When we arrived the ground was still rather wet we managed to 
negotiate the foot long grass and mud without making complete tits of ourselves by falling off, erected the tents 
and made ourselves at home for the two days.

Home sweet home, take a long look at the RHS of this photo and you will see Daver fitting his tent 
I say fitting because it was actually more like a shirt than a tent or how did GTB describe it? A canvas coffin (lol

Now then the object of this tale is not to entertain you with tales of derring doo and missed opportunities (not yet anyway)
 but show you some of the stunning examples of machinery on display at the largest (imho)Vmax rally in the world.....

Feast your eyes on this lot for a start....



Did I mention GTB just had to wash the mud off his bike 

Back to the bikes then my lovelies....


Then there was the Czech bikes which were two my personal favourites.


And now for some stunning fronts - Yes I mean fronts


   Do you remember me telling you ages ago you could fit the standard rear calliper and mounting arm 
underslung someone obviously believed me

.     This is Niels bike from Holland its got a R6 tail piece  which he 
converted himself and a one off front headlight he also made himself  he's got yet another project on the go, but I have 
forgotten what he said sorry Niels.

Enough of bikes for now, back to the plot......

Time to go indoors and avail ourselves of some 5% Belgium Lager at only 1 a half pint, funny how if yhou pay in tokens
 it doesn't seem like real money...

Surprisingly the tiredeness soon catches up, or is the beer, still GTB and Rusty have still got the energy to dance Dawn's 
legs off...

did you notice the three legged lizard on RB's neck?   doesn't GTB look slim? (no, I don't mean looks like slim!) .   
Spread looks on longingly but just is just too embarrassed to take the first step   he leaves GTB and RB to the 
entertain dancing queens...

Anybody seen the plot?