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Baskerville Hall 2004

So it rained a bit who cares?

Friday was such a beautiful day  Vmaxpip, Adele and myself rode down to Jct 7 to meet up for the final non 
motorway part of the journey we were a little late but glad to see STU, Elaine and STMP. We left around 3 
just in case any stragglers should turn up late, not expecting Rusty he had phoned top say he had run out of 
petrol a couple of miles from home (tale of woe perhaps? read on). Glorious sunshine 4 Max's riding together 
what how much better could it get? The journey took us from Worcester to Hereford and then 20 miles to 
Hay on Wye the location of the Baskerville hall hotel.

These are the photo's from Friday it was warm enough to sit outside with our drinks,  Rusty turns up that helmet 
is really scary!!! Telling us he has also got a ticket for a illegal number plate (looks like its not his weekend),
 Later on in the evening Steve (the welsh wizard) Taylor and his wife Cathy turned up on his Vrod sporting at 
least a 300 section rear wheel. Nice Picture of Andy's Trike and Rusty being presented with a Teddy bar 
shagging a sheep by Wolfie's good lady.





Saturday Morning , Oh no its wet!!  still the breakfast's large so that's one consolation, anyway the optimists 
seem to think it will brighten up later, we shall see, more new arrivals Fenris and family (Hi Jules, glad you made it) 
and a rather damp Dave Bres,  (that's right I said Glasgow) telling us a tale of woe (but does it beat Rusty's ? read on) 
Andy (macmax) and Chris (I think) from Glasgow 300 + miles and then of course the silence it shattered by Kiwi's 
larger than life arrival with his Sheela (Pat) he had worked all night then left home at 6am what a star, he needed 
coffee and a large brandy just to warm him through (nothing much changes). Still no let up in the rain, some people 
are now drifting off into Hay on Wye in Taxis or cars (including Jane, Roger ,Tina and me) although Carlos is braving 
the damp conditions as you can see, GTB's max seems to have sprouted tassels over night must be the damp weather, a 
festival of food was taking place in Hay you can see Roger and I were forced to indulge, apparently there's 31 bookshops
 its the bookshop capital of the world mind you there's doesn't seem a lot else to do other than read books and chase 
sheep, even the welsh tourist shop was closed........



Back to the hall and time for the judging, the loudest pipe competition you can see Jackie really enjoyed that. Because 
I was neglectful and did not organise a decibel thingy meter Roger was judged to be the most independent because he
 was on his new FJR so he was the decibel thingy meter who won? read on all will be revealed........ Robtaxi had to leave
 us because onee of his kids had been taken ill hope all is now OK Rob.


Saturday evening we had our own Vmax bar although one or two interlopers tried to muscle in on the fun, they also 
gave us our own chef and kitchen, not really mentioned the food as yet other than breakfast to be honest there was 
nothing at all wrong with what Jane and I had and as you can see Beefy and Ruth really enjoyed theirs.


Rusty had a very worrying moment with lamb chops as you can see he is busily sewing her arm back on, then her leg fell 
off fortunately help was at hand and she was given cardiac massage and mouth to mouth resuscitation, then started on 
the demon drink - the result you take the sheep out of the man but not the man out of the sheep.


Next on the agenda a small presentation from the Welly Chapter, Wolfie and Iceman were presented with there very own 
Crumble's the reason being , they keep on eating all of Moe Max's when he's out working. A table of prizes kindly donated
 by the following Dave F' - clutch Cover,  Dave Bres - Hi level LED rear brake light, TimVmax oil pressure Gauge, GTB's 
rubber items, Custom Vmax Services - Rad Cover and side panels, JKVmax - Zboost, Vmaxbitz - Generator Cover, 
Vmaxchat - Scoop Grills



I had to pull a few strings to get the act fed, straight from the tour of Scandinavia taking in Denmark, Sweden, Norway 
Harwich Stoke on Trent and Bognor Regis The BOLT Cousins.....


As you can see the Auction was carried out with the usual aplomb the ultimate professionals these two, and during the 
course of there act they had a call from Simon Cowell (mangaer) asking if they could do the forthcoming Tom Jones 
come back tour. Watch this space... Total raised on the Auction good 530 pounds, I won't name names until we see 
the cheques made out to Cancer Research please..

Next came the giving of the trophy's, Jane and Roger did the counting and an appeal was put out for more voting forms 
because there was a dead heat. The prizes as follows... Scruffiest Tent - STMP, which was a shame because it was 
nearly new, loudest pipe last years winner Wolfie, although he had to go and buy a hacksaw from B & Q to gets his 
plates off, the trophy said shortest distance but we know what it meant it went to andy maclean (macmax) for travelling
 down from Glasgow,  baldest rear tyre went to Gary which was as much as surprise to him, Rat bike went to Wolfie 
except we expect collusion from the welly chapter, however with friends like these who needs enemies Wolfie, Best 
bike deservedly went to Rusty Bolts but after a recount was demanded because of the closeness of the vote to 
second place man Steve Beachills  supercharged Vmax.



Did I hear you say what happened about worst journey? We have two contenders so I thought it was only fair that they 
should recount there own versions of the events, Rusty had us nearly in tears telling us his heart wrenching story and when
 we heard about the 30 fine for the fine for his number plate.... Then Dave Bres's turn for his tale of woe, well I  had 
fallen asleep and only the crowd snoringwoke me up, the vote was taken and it was awarded to Dave providing he didn't
 tell us what happened to him when he got out of his driveway.. (lol.


I'm sure it was Moemax who had been slyly looking at Carlos's wife all night, that came up with the idea if we would bung 
in some more dosh to the charity pot, would Jackie model the lovely rubber suit her doting husband had generously purchased 
for her for there night of passion in the four poster bed. Its amazing how persuasive these southern types can be when it 
gets to woman taking off there clothes and no sooner the word than the deed she was in the ladies loo getting her kit off. 
But true to his word Moe not only dragged another 100 out of us and the Stag Party in the bar but kept up the commentary
 while Jackie got into her gear. I am certain there are more photo's to come (or did I mean follow) on this one..


Thus ended the fun bit of the evening, time for a serious drink or two, little did I know wew were going to be dragged into 
the disco towards the end of the evening the pic's that follow only tell half the story, I am waiting for Steve 1200 to send 
me the pole dancing pics!!!!! We decided it wasn't the Hound of the Baskerville that could be heard that evening it was Kiwis 
roaring and Carlos's snoring....




This section is unfinished awaiting incriminating evidence of lewd behavior from the welly chapter..

Sunday morning of course started Sunny well it would , wouldn't it? Some had already left when I came down others were 
gently packing up, I made a few mistakes which will be corrected when we come back again overall we had a great time pity 
about the weather on the Saturday,


Have to be selfish and make a special mention for my wife Jane who came with me but as usual hardly saw me all weekend 
and to Roger (for the judging) and Tina who took most of the photo's, Andy Rogers and Geoff Rogers also get a special 
mention who entertained us regally even though both of them have there own individual problems at the moment. I would 
also like to thank the staff a Baskerville Hall for being so accommodating and looking after us.


We all had a great time living it, hope you had a good time reading about it?