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Ace Cafe 170504

Sunday 16th May ride out to the Ace Cafe

It’s a lovely morning, I am waiting in trepidation for Carl and his friends to arrive, hoping they don’t break the glass 
in the windows of our quiet little cul -de -sac, they duly turn up respecting the neighbourhood thanks guys. Carl on his 
Max, two Harleys and a Buell no mean feat arriving quietly on that lot, in the distance I hear the faint whine of a 
knitting machine it's Smokin Paul B on his Bandit.

Left around 9.55 called in at McDonalds to see if anyone was waiting, but no show, just the six of us, our chosen 
route is taking us through some of the finest midlands countryside first place we wake up on route is Henley in Arden. Henley in Arden

Out through Henley to Stratford upon Avon across the bridge and stop for fuel. Stratford Upon Avon,
Sometimes I wish I had a video camera running and could share with everyone experience of riding through these 
leafy lanes, at the moment all the May Blossom is out so the hedgerows look like the are carpeted white with snow, 
interspersed with Wild Lilac Blossom and the Red and White flowers of the Chestnut trees absolutely stunning make
s you feel glad to be alive, even the fields of Yellow rape look attractive, pity it smells like cat pee when you ride past.

The next major place of interest we pass through is Woodstock most famous for Blenheim Palace the birthplace of 
Winston Churchill, Woodstock/Blenheim Palace.

Onwards now to Oxford services where we stop for a coffee and a nicotine fix for the addicts. Truthfully we 
stopped here a little longer than planned because it was a nice day and we were enjoying the 
sunshine, sparked back to life by the sound of a factory full of sewing machines Ooops! sorry 
I meant the Triumph owners club (or whatever they were called) had also stopped for a break 
they had a good turnout though 20+ bikes and shortly after they left so did we..

Decided to continue the rest of the journey on the M40 so it was a quick blast for about 40 miles naturally we all 
obeyed the speed limit so the journey took about 40 minutes (Yeah right!). When we got to the island where the 
A40 intersected the North Circular I couldn’t remember whether it was to the right or to the left so we went right, 
Yes you could easily have guessed the next line, it should have been left, we pulled into a bus stop and I telephoned 
Dave Butt to pick his brains having local knowledge,( in the meantime a Vmax passed in the opposite direction), in the 
middle of my briefing from Dave, who should turn up to the rescue? Moemax and Kate, Moe told me he has been visiting
 the café since the sixties, never believe that such a youthful face!!! – So we did a U turn completely blocking the North
 Circular and followed Moe to the venue - problem SORTED.

Eventually arrived at the Ace – Café around 1.10pm Ace Cafe Website to be greeted by Vmaxpaul who had reserved 
some parking for us, a number of friendly well known names and faces said hello during the course of the day.








I am not listing them for fear of leaving someone out and they be offended, the rest of the afternoon 
went by really quickly and soon it was time to leave. Said goodbye to Carlos’s friends on the Harley’s 
and the Buell who decided to use the M1 we returned the way we had come stopping just outside 
Shipston on Stour for a pint. We got back to my house for around 7pm, fired up the Barbie burnt s
ome burgers and sausages for Carl and Paul relaxed after a great day out.

As I always say

"those that made the effort, thank you, those that couldn’t, you missed a good one"

see you next time.