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                             VMax Gallery Trikes Page

Jimmy The Trike's Max
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Someones Trike in Austrailia
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Seen on the Ace Cafe run
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Andrew Docwra's Trike
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I’ve had my Vmax converted by Nutty Norman and I must say I am very pleased with it. Everything possible has been powder coated (Aerocoat, Great Yarmouth) and it took about 4 months to complete. I bought the original Max from Bike Direct in Bristol . It had no tax or Mot, but the engine was sound, although it sounded a bit different compared to now as the exhaust was being held on with duck tape! The rear end of the Trike is Nutty’s own design using an Mk1 Ford Escort RS 1600 axle, the front headlamp & seat (as well as a few other accessories) is from Exactrep, while the handle bars and grips are from Highway hawk.

The Artwork on the tank was done by Darren Horton, which I think really brings the piece together.

The photos are the original bike and the finished project to date.

At the moment the Trike is stripped down, the engine covers are being powered coated, and the exhaust has been extended so it comes all the way out of the back.  I’ve fitted some LED lights to the mud guards which are now having some more art work by Darren Horton. Also many other little things that should keep me busy through the winter, like R1 Callipers and forward controls, colour coded coolant pipes, Z-Boost, Tim’s pressure gauge and colour coded brake/clutch lines and the list goes on.


VMaxJeans Trike

I bought the Max for my husband but he went back to a Harley so I had it triked, The work was done at Trike Design by Hank and Robin[ www.hankschopshop.com ] all the bolt on bits are from Exactrep including the devil exhaust system, Just waiting for my new paint job and P.D.Q. to get there rolling road finished and then have loads of fun.
CheakyWheassell's Trike

My trike took 12 months to build , still building on it  its a 97/98 model . Engine  standard as  now but will be  incorporating some go faster bits for it in the future . Just getting used to the handling of the ''Beast''... hope to see more max's out there on my rounds .
Dermot Bradleys Trike

  • 1985 V-Max engine, electrics and frame
  • GSX-R 1100 USD forks, bottom yoke, wheel, calipers
  • custom-made top slab yoke from aluminium
  • custom-made handlebars
  • the rear section of the frame starting behind the engine compartment is all custom
  • after-market V-Max stainless radiator front and side covers
  • twin streetfighter headlights
  • mini flyscreen
  • "Autoboost" 3-way V-Boost controller (Always off / Normal @ 6000rpm / Always On)
  • Girling 625 master cylinder for foot pedal brake
  • linked braking system with balance value - foot pedal controls both rear discs and the front left-hand side disc. Front right-hand side disc continues to work independantly off hand lever
  • 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust system
  • 25 litre custom-made aluminium fuel tank
  • BMW 5-series differential, axle, and 15" wheels
  • Avo PA140/095 rear shocks
  • Dunlop Sportmax II D204F 120/70ZR17 front tyre
  • Mastercraft Avenger G/T 265/15R50 rear tyres
  • Heavy duty ground kit
  • Scoop-mounted front LED indicators
  • Odyssey PC680 sealed battery
  • Nissin clutch and brake master cylinders with remote reservoirs
  • "60% stronger" clutch spring
  • bar-end mirrors


Ian Phillips Trike

Trike was built by TRIKE DESIGN in Caerphilly, Wales. It is a 1999 full power, T1 VMX reg plate. It was designed and built to my spec as i am in a wheelchair and paralyzed from the chest down.
It has a kliktronic gear selector.
Reverse gear mechanism, 5 forward and 5 reverse.
Front thumb brake.
Petrol tank moved under pillion seat. Polished alloy.
Back rests for both seats.
High rimmed foot plates.
Made to measure handle bars.
Wheelchair rack.
Half running boards to cover the exhaust cans.
All ford back end, Diff, Drive Shaft, Calipers and 4 stud wheels


Darren's Trike

After having a bike accident and ending up having to use a wheel chair, I decided to build a trike. I bought a 1997 VMax and over a period of 12 months turned it into a trike.
It has an electronic gear selector and dual brakes on the handlebars.
I have designed it to put my wheelchair on the back.
I used a Robin Reliant axle and put a rear disc on it, using Nova front discs and Golf GTi rear calipers.
It has straight through exhausts to carbon rear race cans,etc.
I would like to change the front end to u.s.d. forks and front wheel.


shaggy696969's Trike

First pic is as bought , bar I put on the ahem "edited via Dremel", Over carbon cans and a belly pan.
2nd pic  Max at baskers , modifications inc, Dave F's windowed clutch , frame bars , renthals, billet levers, 98 front end,  Ohlins springs , R1 discs and
calipers front , Jon's R1 rear R1 disc and caliper conversion, Oil pressure gauge , Sissy bar and rack , Billet fork brace , Hel braided lines , custom Paint , RD125 headlight and cockpit fairing , Jons L.e.d cat's eye light And not least of all a Pimp My Ride sticker . lol
3rd pic Trike'd it for the wife , Reliant rear axle shortened , MG ZR wheels, led repeaters and side lights , Hypercharger .
Truly a work in progress , Evolution huh


Mick Dows Trike
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No Details Yet
Ugly Micks Trike
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Tony Potts Trike
TonyPottsTrike.jpg (99929 bytes)

‘The Bad Mistress”

I acquired her 3 years ago from a former lover who had seriously neglected her. It has taken a lot of tender loving care and quite a bit of cash and beer tokens to get her where she is now.  My bad mistress can still be difficult but when she’s good, she’s very good indeed.