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Gallery Page 6

                              VMax Gallery Page 6

Beef Monkey's Max
Since buying it has had some simple modifications:

Exactrep backrest and rack
Exactrep front mudguard extension
Exactrep engine bars
Givi fly screen
Progressive fork springs
Exactrep mega fork brace

Chuck Whitman's Max
HOLESHOT    4 into 1 header , frame brace kit , stage 1 jet kit  &  air box mod. , Dymag rims , Braking brake systems front & rear floating rotors , Progressive suspension fork springs & rear shocks , Exactrep  air scoops & forward controls, Russell braided brake & clutch lines , Corbin custom seat , Lockhart Phillips custom mini turn signals , Madmax dragbar kit , Flanders extrawide dragbars , RMSportmax custom length fork tubes , Powder coating by Classic Coatings  &  Header coating by Jet Hot !!   
Fairy Goodtime's Max
'Twin headlights and taillights, Rentec crash bars and backrest, arrowhead front mudguard, Rubber fork gaiters, progressive fork springs, 4 pot calipers front and back, stainless steel fasteners on engine, discs and other places. Vmaxbitz scoop inserts and radiator cover, heavy duty earth kit, Oddessy battery, Supertrapp silencers, dragbars. I’ve removed all the plastic chrome bits cause only girlies and southerners leave them on and I’m a hard northerner.
The wheels, dashboard cover and mirrors have been changed for black ones and that’s it.
As God is my witness I shall never change anything on my bike again....for now'


MaxTorquers Max
1998 full power
Stage 1 Dynojet, Turbo carb tops, Y piece removed, T Boost, Hindle Stealth pipe, Iridium plugs, auxilliary breather, Steve Taylor spring clutch, V&H plates, Dave F window clutch cover, 1991 UK drive unit.
Uprated front forks with progressive springs emulators and Vmaxbitz early forkbrace, machining by Polygon for 100% alignment of T'cat conversion. Modified bar mounts and speedo mount to get rid of clutter plus low motocross bars  White Power shocks rebuilt by MH Racing Braced swing arm, with underslung caliper and mount mods by Polygon, centred with double adjusters to align wheels, solid engine mounts, Raats rearsets
Polygon hybrid rear wheel and Thundercat front BRM extra capacity fuel tank  R1 calipers and discs up front, TRX850 rear, Busa disc, Goodridge hoses Exactrep front guard, Exactrep Sportmax seat and middle, rear recovered by owner. Homemade rear tailpiece etc by owner from genuine Ducati 916 rear end, polished undertray, Powerbronze Venom fairing. carbon megascoops by Freestyle USA  Powdercoating of yokes and engine details by Griff's Motorcycle Services, rest baked on polyurethane by owner
Black as a very black thing paint by Ultimate Bike Paint with vinyl graphics details. Stainless or red/purple anodised fasteners throughout

Mario Aguiar's Max

1985 Yamaha V-Max, bought after previous owner left it abandon ed for 2 and a half years in a Barn. The bike was 75% “Basket Case”

Here is a list of the work done.

Dynojet Stage 7, install ed and tun ed by owner
HMF Engineering 4 into 2 exhaust system, with custom hand made Elliptical Carbon Fiber canisters (design ed and made by owner)
Nissin 4 pot front calipers (adapters made by owner)
“Braking USA ” floating Stainless Steel rotors (front and back)
“Hel” Stainless braid ed lines, ZZR-1100 front brake master cylinder.
“De Pretto” radiator cover, fully chrom ed .
“Targa-Drag-Star” air dam
Tail section by “Artfibras” Brazil .
Tank by “Biman-Act.
“Harlan” LED shiftlight, (cover machin ed by owner)
Front fender, and side covers by “Haitch” from Exactrep.
Seat cut and shap ed by owner, upholster ed by Lee Sanderson.
Paint job, (body and engine) done with the help of Sandy “Bambino” Bennici.
Front rim, re-cut and polish ed by owner.
Rear 6” custom rim by Mad Max Enterprises, polish ed by owner.
“Cyberstar” headlight by Jon Pullara from “Vmaxbitz”.
Bar-End mirrors, scoop grills, rear caliper torque arm, front nameplate, and foot pegs, machin ed and polish ed by owner.
Notching on swingarm and polishing on “pumpkin” done by owner.
All billet parts and bits, machin ed by owner.
All chrome work done by “Kenny Jr.” at “Kyron Plating”

Andy's Max
97' model with "T" boost (awesome), fly screen, exactrep rad grille, custom paint job, leather  seat, polished wheels, engine protectors and backrest.
Pete's Max

1996 full power grey import.Its got manual boost,Laser pro stock race cans,progressive fork spring and different oil,furber fix and steering damper,notched swing arm and 17 x 6.5 in Taylormade back wheel.The back end is shortened( as if you hadn't guessed),and a few other bits.As with every one else the list changes and grows with time.
Update - Added MV Augusta tail piece and a nitrous system


Tony Radley's Max
2001 model UK Max. Various Exactrep parts to include; flyscreen, sissybar and rack, crashbars, steering damper, chrome radiator grille, chrome air scoops, stainless steel engine bolts kit, shortened rear fender with R1-style lights, special front fender, Datatool security and V-Boost switch kit installed which accelerates this Max as quick as my Hayabusa to 100. Also Progressive front fork springs installed and of course the Steve Taylor 6.5" x 17 slotted rear wheel to give the punchy 190 Dragon footprint to go with the power. The side numberplate came from the USA and is a chrome unit fitted to the axle.

Scott Erhardt's Max
All he way from Florida
It won the 2002 US Max Award at Daytona Beach in August.
All main work is done by Mad Max in the USA
Click here for the rear view and here for another
Didsy's Max
I dont know.  Bikers today are looking younger.  He tells me is a 1991 spec