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Gallery Page 3

                             VMax Gallery Page 3

Ray Trapnel's Max
As for my max ....its a 99 Carbon.
I have fitted some slash cut exhausts .. and a air
horn from my sons push bike ..
more recently I have added a luggage rack and back rest .. so I can take my 9 year old lad on the back this summer ... cant have him falling off ..too often


My Birthday Cake
As made by Rusty Bolts.  Excellent cake decoration and the cake wasn't bad either
Vroom's Max
-98 Canada model, vboost, Dynojet stg1, K&N filter, Supertrapp slipons, Radnall dragbars, billet grips, RMSportmax seat, flyscreen, Furbur/Sayegh fix, aluminium solidmounts, Racetech cartridge emulators & fork springs, Galfer braided brake and clutch lines, Active kneebraces, miniblinkers, BRM/Evo-Tec race tail, MEK dirt catcher, BBR case guards, BBR swing arm, BBR gsxr1100 17" rear wheel, Andy Griffith's yzf600 17" front wheel, Pirelli Dragon EVO Corsa 180/55/17 and 120/60/17 radial tyres.

...forever changing. Looking to add R6 front calipers, Brembo rear caliper, MEK rearsets, SPA dual oil temp/pressure gauge, and some more stuff this spring.

The link to my picture page on our club website is: http://www.vmcs.org/pix/members/056AW01.html

Eight more pictures and some dyno sheets there.

Wheelie Good...
Dave F trying to do a  Carwyn
Blaine's Max
It's got some exactrep panels and the pillon
footpegs removed.


VMax Line Art
Line art picture of a VMax
Paul Roberts Max
Taylormade.. +5 extended swingarm (shaft drive), billet split-rims 9.5x18 rear (250 tyre), 4x18 front, triples/yokes with extended GSXR 750 forks, all caliper brackets etc, spring clutch conversion, tail piece unit
Other modifications:
 One-off Steelheart exhaust, Tank Shop tank, 340mm Buell f/rotors (Wave), ZXR r/disc, XJR shocks, r/suspension raised 1

More Photos here

Spanish Max
Spanish Max spotted in a magazine by Phil on his hols.
Check out the rear brake!!
redf1racer's Max
Canadian import. Screen, polished Air scoops, polished wheels, scorpion radiator cover, crash bars