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Gallery Page 16

                             VMax Gallery Page 16

Matt Grice's Max

1996 VMAX w/6K miles (less than 1K on drivetrain), 1260 'blower' motor (8:1 Aries pistons, Carillo rods, solid motor mounts/trans brace, etc...) w/chaindrive, MagnaSport supercharger (14 lb boost), 
MASSIVE 280 rear tire (will fit a 300...), raked (36 degrees) frame, PM wheels, Mad Max gauge pod w/Autometer Monster tach/shift light, Dyna 3000 CDI unit, Nology plug wires, Exactrep tailsection w/cats'eye LED taillight, SportMax seat, Torque Rod frame braces, Tokico 4-piston caliper up front, Flanders WIDE (31") dragbars, billet mirrors, SportCool radiator, Mark's Big-Bore 4-1 exhaust w/polished Supertrapp canister & 2 1/2" baffle, 
Progressive 418 rear shocks, fresh Prowler Orange pain t, chrome and polish galore,


Mark Carr's Max

Full-power Canadian import.
Hayabusa upside down forks on 8cm stepped yokes.
Tokico 6 pots.
Ohlins rear shocks.
200 section rear tyre on braced swingarm.
1-off paintwork on jupiter red metal flake.
Marving exhausts,T-boost,Dynojet
Shorty tailpiece, seat cowl & spoiler
Forward-set footpegs.
Twin front lamps mounted vertically.
Lots of other shiny bits.


Pete's VMax
99 max,mod's are dynajet,k&n filter,z-boost,homemade exhaust system,modified cooling system,vid camara mount,fly screen
Paul Byrne's Max

1990 full power Vmax, T-boost, frame braces, Drag handle bars, bar end mirrors, S/Steal brake and clutch lines, K&N air filter, polished wheels forks top yoke speedo housing and scoops, alloy T/Arm, twin ovel head light,upgrade front brake calipers to 3TJ calipers, modafided stock exhaust, double D clutch, and 1 colour paint job.
Howlin Max's Max

1996 Full power Canadian spec
Progressive fork springs
8" Bandit headlight
Exactrep bellypan and bigger brake/clutch levers
Vmaxbitz rad shield
Standard exhaust mod
Renthal bars


Jan Dirchsen's Max

1500 CC Big bore

Carillo Titanium rods

"Torque" Camshafts

Ported Cylinder heats

Bigger valves

Lockup clutch

Balanced Crank Shaft

Minuki 41 mm Fladslide caps

Otec 8,5/18" rear wheel

Otec 3,5/17" front wheel

Metzler 240/40 rear tire

Metzler 120/70 front tire

Bheringer Areotec 6 pistons front brake

ABM 295 mm. brake disks front 250 rear

Brembo rear brake

Otec Foot Rest rear set

Otec 250 Swing arm kit for 250 Tire

Solid Engine Bracket

Titan hydraulic Hoses

IRS Brake / Clutch hand bars

RITZOMA hand bars
RITZOMA Led Minniblinkers

Olins Vmax Front fork

Olins rear damper set

KN Air filter system

Dyna 3000 Ignition box

Blue Silicone water hoses

Blue Nology kit

Holeshod 4/2 Exhaust system alu/titanium

Rear gearbox modified
Oil Pressure Gauge

Bolts / Nuts S4 Stainless
Advanced alarm system

Custom scoops

Custom side covers

Belly pan

A lot of love


BeachGuys Max

Standard so far... 

Rod's Max

1999 Full power model
9000miles from new,
rear steve taylor rear wheel 180-55 17
head lights 
digital speedo,
headlight in fill,
brake clutch levers,
body work all from germany,
led indicaters,
cobra exhaust,
r1 calipers,
wp usd and braced swing arm still to fit,
dyno 120bhp standard,last year
Darrin Sergeant's Max
It is a 1996 vmax
with a PCW 1500cc motor and 39mm. FCR's. 
Works springs front and back,
reinforced swing arm, dow'd frame, and HMF exhaust. Everything has either
been painted, polished, or powder coated to this point.


Bent Bones Olsen's Max

  • 1400 m3
  • Carillos
  • Mikuni flatslides
  • Holeshot 4-2
  • Chain conversion
  • Swing arm
  • Fzr 1000 front
  • The cyber light - with Xenon distance light
  • "Tank dummy" from Exactrep - needs this for the 1400m3
  • Scoops from Ans Raats
  • Modified seat
  • Etc...... 


VeeMaxed's Max

taylormade billet yokes 
R1 front forks with extentions 
R6 callipers 
wave brake disks
,xjs master cylinders clutch and brakes 
heller brake pipes R1front mud guard extrem mirrors and bars
taylormade wheel 
gilera light unit 
oil pressure gauge
taylormade 280 wheel and swinging arm 2.5 inch stretch 
bandit caliper
 gsx 1400 shockers 
sport-max rear gearing drive 
4-2 sportmax system 
brm rearlight unit 
sportmax seatunit
standard us full power with switch able v-boost polishing by owner paint nissan grey sprayed by my son