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Gallery Page 11

                             VMax Gallery Page 11

MaxHeadroom's Max

Powder coated scoops,  Powder coated engine covers , Powder coated Engine guards , Progressive fork springs, Radiator chrome cover, Scoop inserts, Solid engine mounts, Laser race cans , Stage 1 Dynojet, Alarm + Immobiliser, Rear Sets, Exactrep fork bridge, Firber fix headstock, Exactrep Tailpiece,  Solo seat, Braced swing arm, Black Paintjob, R1 Brake callipers, Braided Hoses, Manual Fan switch, T boost kit,  Stainless bolts, Black Powder coated aluminium, 17" rear wheel* and I'm sure there's more but I can't remember it all.

Steve's Supercharged Max
Standard 1200 max engine with JE low compression pistons,taller fifth gear kit, magna charger roots type supercharger, holley 4 barrel carb,see through clutch cover,screw in oil temp gauge,spring clutch conversion,one off stainless exhaust (courtesy of Kiwi) modified and fitted with Zorstec rainbow titanium can,samco purple coolant hose kit,taylormade yokes,extended R1 forks,R1 calipers,renthal bars,stainless shrink wrapped brake and clutch hoses,braced swingarm,modified R1 front mudguard,taylormade tribal wheels,taylormade tail unit,re-covered std seat,wave design front and rear discs,bandit 1200 rear caliper,one of torque arm,splitfire boost gauge,GSX 1400 shocks,Blue powder coated frame,swingarm,diff,fuel tank,engine mounts and side stand,one off camouflage style paint job.
Kevin Rimmers Max
 '99 Us Import.
17" wheels (diversion rear / thunderace front)
Beefed up ally fork-brace (also lowers fender)
11.5" rear shox (dropped 1.5" from standard)
Z-boost conversion
Side mounted oil gauge
Larger 20A battery
Twin mini bates headlights (with stretched ally infill)
Windowed clutch casing
Mini arrowhead indicators
Polished stainless wrap-round rad grill
Sleek mini rear-views
Flat handlebar (no risers)
Various parts stripped & polished - side scoops/reservoirs/rear zorst covers


BrooklynMax's Max
No details.....
GadgetKeiths Max
2000 reg only a few mods as to date more to come later exactrep screen ,engine bars, back-rest ,rack,marving slash cut ehausts been cut down,z-boost from jon,and 170 rear on standard rim. 
Ybikerdon's Max

Scoop grilles stainless steel, Master cylinder covers black engraved, Generator cover yamaha 1200 v4
Clutch cover v4, Z boost, Oil pressure guage
Turbo design diaphram covers, V max logo radiator cover, K&N air filter
Black belly pan, Cybermax font light unit polished alloy, 4 Magnum billet indicators
Flat bars, Taylormade 250 swinging arm and wheel 3 spoke, Taylormade front wheel to match
Billet grips, Billet cruiser foot rests, Sleek chrome mirrors, LED rear light, Marvin slash cuts, Hagon rear shocks, extended R1 forks and exactrep rear seat


VMAXXX/SgtRock Max
2004 Max,racetech springs,exactrep forkbrace & side panels,solid motor mounts,kerker 4 into 1 exhaust,renthal handelbars,BRM tail race and 250 rear still to go on
Punky's Max
Originally a 1985 Canadian Import, bought in Florida rode to California and back then shipped home in 1989.
1380 cc with JE pistons, Andrews H/D clutch,  Carillo rods, Titanium valves, 50 HP Nitrous kit [off the horn button], RC 45 Wheels, GSXR1100 forks, Nitrogen rear shox, Steering damper, Supertrap cans.  One offs made by me: Tail piece, rear sets, engine mounts, rear wheel drive hub.  Power at the back wheel = 180 BHP with gas

Rob Irving's Max
No details yet
Lee T's Max
Exactrep Tailpiece,  Solo seat,fluted front mudguard,R1 Brake callipers,T Boost,Progressive fork springs,Rear Sets,hollowed levers,Over race
cans,tribal gen and clutch covers,highway hawk light, knee brace,metisse engine posts,GSX
1400 shocks,
Accessories,from Jon,Mek,Exactrep,powered coating by Griff