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Gallery Page 10

                             VMax Gallery Page 10

Eddie's Max
Taylor 250 conversion 9.5" rim, Billet Callipers, Taylormade tail unit, underseat exhaust by Wayne from Wigan, Taylormade USD conversion Yokes, 4 x18 Tribal Taylormade front wheel, Cbeymax headlight unit, Dummy Bell mouths by Taylormade, Seat by P&P, Taylormade spring clutch conversion, Hel hoses.
Clive Bartram's Max

:   1994 Canadian/Japanese import full power

ENGINE:-1300 big bore kit, carrillo rods, J & E pistons , Gas flowed heads,  Stage 1 Dynojet , T boost , Hindle st/st system, K&N filter, Barnett clutch with 60% stronger clutch spring. Brembo Clutch master cylinder
FRAME & SUSPENSION:-WP rear shocks , Braced swinging arm. 6" x 17" Three spoke Taylor made rear wheel, GSXR1100WT Front end , Front forks Extended by Taylormade and  Rebuilt and revalved by Maxton Eng.   75mm triple clamped Bottom yoke, 30mm top yoke with one off risers.  GSXR1100Wt front wheel deribbed and polished by Kent metal finishers. Over racing Rear sets and knee rests.
BRAKES:- Brembo Front brake master cylinder with Braided lines .Tokico 6 pot calipers with Stealth hypolite discs.Rear Braided line with ABS unit on one off tokico 6 pot caliper.
OTHER MODS:- one off billet brake and clutch fluid reserviors. Exactrep shortened rear fender, Exactrep lowered seat .Gillera DNA front nose fairing with one off St/St mounting brackets Billet rear footrest Hangers.See thro Clutch Cover . braced bars.Steering Damper.

VMX12k's Max
1999 Full Power Canadian Import.
(Imported to Ireland and then to Australia!)
Progressive Springs, Goodridge Stainless Hoses, Ohlins Shocks, Barnett Clutch Conversion, Renthals with Bar Ends, VMaxChat T-Boost System, MEK
Alloy Engine Mounts, Cobra Stainless 4-1, K&N Airfilter, Bridgestone Exedra Tyres (G526 and G525)
Exactrep CyberMax Alloy Headlight and Belly Pan, Alloy Brake Torque Arm, Stainless Airscoop covers and Radiator Cover, Alloy Indicators & Footpegs, Polished Airscoops and Tonnes of Stainless bolts and Anodised stuff.
Future Modifications:
Sportmax seat, Exactrep Tailpiece and small pillion pad, Windowed Clutch Cover, Stage 7.... Then, I think I'm done..hmmm?
Or, do I buy a new model and start again... actually, a Big Bore Kit
would be great!!!


Jimmy The Trike's Max
No details yet...
Rick Rash's Max
2000 Max with Custom Carbon Fibre bodywork
PCW 39mm FCR
Kerker 4/2/1
GSXR Rear from BBR and Thundercat front from Uncle Festers
Chrome lower forks, swingarm with polished differential
Dynatek 3000
UFO lowered seat
Progressive rear shocks
R1 polished front calipers
Harrison Billet polished rear caliper


Suzukidr's Max
billet 6 calipers, Dymag 17" rear 18" front, Goodridge hoses, K&N airfilter, Pro stock pipes.

I can take no credit for any of the mods as i only bought the bike on 1/09/03 as it is reg no F799 JGT any info from former owners would be gratefully received


MooseMax's Max
Its a 98 full power Max, with a Thundercat front and Divvie back wheel, R1 calipers (thanks2 JonP) Formula tail piece, exactrep bellypan, drag bars and Zefal bar end mirrors. supertrapp exhausts, painted metallic grey, got straight bars and a bandit headlight
Cliff's Max
1988 Flat bars, R1 Brakes, 17 inch wheels, brand new shocks, progressive springs
Carl Moore's Max

Lowered seat, Sissy back rest, small belly spoiler, Chrome Rad grill, little indicators, blue LED instrument dials, crash bars, Straight bars & end bars & mirrors & LED back light (Jon, Vmaxchat), twin headlights (Vmaxbitz.com)

12 progressive lowered shocks, Hyper-pro fork springs, yokes dropped 10mm, metz 150/80/15 back tyre, R1 front callipers & Goodridge,

Stage 1 Dyno, K&N Filter, SuperTrapps Exhaust, & T Boost (Vmaxchat)

VMaxWitch's Max
1999 Canadian import.
devil pipes
chrome radiator cover
engine braces
mini indicators
Lots I want to do with it when time!!