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Gallery Page 1

   VMax Gallery Page 1

VMaxDude's Max                                  

1989 Full power US import.
ExactRep 17 inch back wheel with shorty rear mudguard.
Ohlins rear shocks
Extended rear brake torque arm with Harrison Billet 4 pot rear caliper
 'V4' generator cover and swingarm bolt covers
Middle gear tax disk holder.
Active frame braces
VStax Carb Covers
Braided hoses, R1 Blue Spot front brakes.
Nissin Brake and clutch master cylinders with billet aluminium reservoirs.
R1 forks with custom yokes
Thunderace front wheel and R1 mudguard
Gold radiator cover
Laser Pro Stock exhaust
Z boost
Oil Pressure Gauge.
Barnett clutch conversion
MEK clutch cover
clear water pump cover.

LSL Headlight 
Aluminium indicators
VMaxChat engine protectors
Bar End mirrors
Corbin seat and backrest


VMaxJon's Max

Thundercat front wheel, R1 mudguard, Tamburini Forks, R1 Calipers, R1 front disks, stainless disk bolts, Braided lInes, Lintec Handlebars and risers, Bar end mirrors, Diamond Indicators, black anodised and engraved master cylinder covers,  Exactrep Fuel Tank, Exactrep restyled seat, Formula single seat rear end, laser prostock exhausts (race), active frame brace, Taylormade rear wheel,  3JT rear caliper, extended torque arm, Piggy back shocks, engraved generator cover (from vmaxbitz), vinyl lettering and logo kit, clear clutch cover, stainless engine bolt kit, Tboost naturally, engraved swingarm bolt covers (from vmaxbitz),  polished rear footpeg plate with pegs removed.
Still to fit - Oil Pressure Gauge, Belly Pan Spoiler, Black Instrument Facia, MEK Dirt Catcher, rider rearsets, R1 rear caliper underslung...Well I did say almost finished!!!!

Rusty Bolts Max

PVM wheels, 
ZX9R forks, 
WP Shox, 
Otec engine casing, lock-up clutch and rearsets, 
ISR master cylinders, Braking discs, 
Pretech calipers, 
one-off extended swingarm, 
Zorstec underseat system, 
paint by Born to be Wild.


Max Verver's Max
Too many mods to my VMax to type it all in, maybe it's easier to link to Steve's site for a list of that : http://www.unclefesters.com/ufester/MMmvX.html , difference from that list is the conversion to VGas carbs ( first on a VMax in Europe ! Bought them through Steve.), Wolf fairing, Badan bellyspoiler, Exactrep 6 liter reservoir as seen on the first attached picture. Dynotested at 180 RHP @ 179 Nm on NOS. (50.7Kb)
Nigels Yellow Max
1990 Vmax import Stage 1 Dynojet. CMA wheels,
Home made solid motor mounts, Home made rear brake arm, Home made clear clutch cover with stainless steel rim, Adjustable swing arm bolts both sides, Lights fixed so you can turn them off, R1 Callipers and discs,
Renthal Handle Bars, VTR 1000 Brake and clutch cylinders , Goodrich brake and clutch lines,
98 front forks, Headlight from site (50 watt bulbs from B & Q), Seat from Exactrep, Stainless & Carbon Exhaust and Stainless downpipes from "Sidekick", Plymouth.Thanks to Steve (Uncle Festers) for Odyssey battery.Nitromax for faux tank cover, front and rear mudguard.
Niels' Vmax
1997 model, bought in 1999 with 7 miles on the clock out of the crate.
Changed the pipes by drilling the backplates off , drilled some extra outputholes, popped back the plate with 5 mm spacers.
Lowered the yokes about 3,5 cm for better cornering and stability.
Fronttire Metzeler laser 110/90, Reartire Avon Venom X 150/90 , both on original rims.
At last other grips because the standard size is too small. (156Kb)
Mart's VMax
1999 Canadian import. The only mods are the addition of a fly screen, enginebars, back-rest and rack. The bike has spent the majority of its life in sunny Greece (where the photo was taken) with me, but is now back in the UK. (232Kb)
Geoff Moore's VMax
1997 Canadian Import.Custom paint metallic blue, Metzeler tyres front ME33 Laser, rear ML2 Marathon both on original rims, Corbin seat, belly pan, Cobra slashcuts now replaced with Marving street legal cans,  pair of loud Fiamm horns (69.4Kb)
Speedy's Max

Front:- Taylormade Billet Yokes, 2004 R1 Forks with extensions, Billet 6 pot callipers, Braking Wave brake disks, Nissin Remote Res. Master Cylinder brake and clutch, Goodridge Braided Brake Hoses all round, Phantom 2 fairing, Renthal Drag bars, Billet Bar end mirror, Carbontec R1 Carbon Fibre mudguard, Hyperpro steering damper, Taylormade 17" wheel, bar end indictors.

Rear:- Taylormade 250 section Wheel, 5" stretched and braced swingarm, Billet 4 pot calliper, BRM Race tail, WP Shocks, Galfer rear wave brake disk

Engine:- Full Power US Import, Dynojet Stage 7 with individual K&N filters, Switchable V-Boast, Translogic Quickshifter, Oil Pressure Gauge, Solid Motor Mounts, Exactrep Frame Braces, Cobra SR1 4-1 exhaust, Taylor Leads, Turbo style carb tops, Barnet Clutch & Plates, MEK Clear Clutch Cover, MEK Sun Wheeler Engine cover, Over Carbon Radiator Surrounds, Otec Clear Water Pump cover

Other:- Belly Pan, Exactep Side panels, Stainless & Titanium bolts all round, Probolt rider and pillion pegs, Exactrep Mega-air-scoops in polished aluminium, Nordskog Digital Speedo and pickup


Carwyn's Max
Full power us Canadian import, Stage 7 dyno-jet with K&N's, R1 front callipers , Braided hoses, Lowered and re-covered seat and a standard set of pipes with the baffles beat out of them! Renthal bars- cut down and tiny indicators.