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1985 Press Release


Horsepower. America's four-wheeled hot rodders have loved the stuff for years. Until now real power's
been the exclusive property of guys with blown vee-eights and hemi heads but at last there's a two--wheeled
equivalent to the big-inch vee--eights street rod. Enter the V-MAX. lt's a muscle bike like no other. Designed
exclusively for America, not only to look good, but to deliver all the horsepower Americans ever dreamed of.
It'll accelerate fast enough to shift the motorcycling world on its axis. We're talking raw power here and the
 rugged good looks that let everyone know you mean business. The aggressive styling could have come straight
from the very best Custom shops.






In back there is motorcycling's biggest rear tire' a 150/90-15 monster that looks big enough for a dragster. lt's wrapped
around a new disc-type solid aluminium wheel that looks sharper than any custom wheel around. The rear
end's set off by a skinnier front tire mounted on a 5-spoke 18-inch wheel. Both ends are covered by chopped fenders
and accented by deep chrome. There's even a three-piece stepped seat with a lockable center section that pivots forward
to reveal the filler for an under-seat fuel tank that helps keep the V-Max's center of gravity low. Between the bars is a
chrome and gold speedometer: nothing else. Where the fuel is stored on other motorcycles there's a large air filter providing
 improved air flow to downdraft carbs. Mounted in a panel above the air filter cover is a revcounter and a temperature gauge.
There are lots of other good looking features to impress everyone down at the drive-in, but when the V-MAX starts rolling it's
the incredible motor that will turn the heads. This 1198cc monster produces power like nothing else before it, thanks' in part,
to a radical cam and four massive valves per cylinder. Short ecliptical mufflers do their part to boost power and let everyone
know it too. But what really gets this hot rod screaming is a unique new V-Boost System. At lower rpm each of the four downdraft
carburettors feeds its own cylinder. But as the revs rise a servo motor opens a butterfly valve between each pair of
inlet tracts. Suddenly there are tow carbs feeding each inlet port on an intake stroke. lt's like having a blower
without all the mechanical losses. If anyone's unsure about the V-MAX's powerful potential there are chrome and
polished-aluminium highlights that trace the power flow from the large air scoops below the tank, through the motor
and out the exhaust.









For anyone just looking the V-MAX spells power. Anyone that rides motorcycling's first real hot rod will know that
those looks aren't deceptive. Motorcycling finally has the power and it took Yamaha's hot-rod V-MAX to move
motorcycling one major step forward. Tires The world's largest production-bike tire is used in rear. lt is a
V-rated 150/90-15 with a V-pattern tread. Shaft Drive A newly designed shaft drive with stronger bevel gears
transmits the V-MAX's tremendous power. FueI Tank A 4-gallon fuel tank is mounted below the seat. Fuel is
delivered by an electric pump and an electric reserve switch is mounted on the handlebars.



Frame The tubular steel frame has a specially lowered center section to reduce seat height. The right front
downtube and left rear frame tube are removable to ease maintenance.
Dual rear shocks have four-way adjustable rebound damping and five preload positions for the massive
chrome springs. Wheel travel is lOOmm.


A large 4Omm fork is air adjustable and has a balance pipe for ease of adjustment. An integrated aluminium
fork brake increases front-end stability. Wheel travel is l4Omm.


Triple ventilated disc rotors-282mm diameter-are gripped by large 45mm opposed pistons.


A newly designed 18-inch cast wheel is used in front. A radical 15-inch solid disc wheel is used in rear.


The V-MAX has a 3-piece stepped seat design. The lockable center section pivots forward to provide access to
the fuel filler cap.


All handlebar controls are finished in silver.


A single speedometer is mounted above the triple clamps. Separate tachometer and temperature gauge are
mounted on a tank-top panel. All gauges have white faces.

Air Filter

Air filter, fuses and hydraulic reservoir are mounted under a lockable false-tank panel.

Cable Covers

Chromed springs cover the control cables.


A small circular headlight is used.

Air Ducts

Air ducts above the cylinders help to highlight the flow of power from the intake system, through the motor
and out of the exhaust system.


Engine The 1198 cc liquid-cooled V-Four engine has double overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder.


A specially lightened piston and wrist pin improve engine performance.


A new hardening and heat treatment process improve crankshaft and con rod strength.


Large 30.5mm intake and 25.Omm exhaust valves are controlled by stronger valve springs.


A special high-performance high-lift camshaft is designed to produce maximum horsepower.



A unique V-Boost System gives a Turbo-like power boost to the V-MAX motor. Four downdraft carburetors
feed the cylinders through individual inlet tracts. However, the tracts between cylinders one and two and
cylinders three and four are separated by butterfly valves. The valves are controlled by servo motors that
measure engine rpm. At approximately 6000 rpm the servos start to open the butterfly valves until they are
completely open at 8000 rpm. With the butterfly valves open each cylinder on an intake stroke is fed by two
carburetors,rather than a more conventional single unit. Horsepower is considerably increased especially in
the mid-and high-rpm range.


Power is transmitted through a five-speed gearbox and a shaft final drive.


Short ecliptical mufflers help to maximize power output.


Four 35mm downdraft Mikuni carburetors mix fuel for the V-MAX motor.